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During a conversation with one of my massage colleagues, we came to the topic of hygiene. Hygiene of massage guests. That's why I decided to write the following thoughts and instructions.

Assuming that everyone is reasonably familiar with hygiene:

For me as a masseur and for my massage colleagues, it is very important that you, as a guest, arrive clean with me. With every preliminary talk, with every booked massage with me, you have the opportunity to shower beforehand. So if you took a shower "a few hours" ago, then you're not fresh anymore. So you are welcome to use my bathroom for a shower.   I'll be happy to provide you with everything you need. 

Very hairy men are very prone to smells. Hair combined with sweat is always a hotbed for unpleasant smells. Just water is not enough.

So please use shower gel, shower cloths and your hands for this. 
Also in all intimate zones! That means under the foreskin, testicles, perineum, inner thighs as well as buttocks, buttock folds and especially in the anal zone.

Smells during the massage are very unpleasant for me and my massage colleagues.

Showering is not enough for an anal and prostate massage!

Please rinse your rectum well and for this type of massage. Of course, I use "finger cots" after the massage, but it is very uncomfortable to feel and smell various "leftovers" after the massage!

There are also aids such as anal showers and enema balls. 

I also offer various offers for such products in my shop. (Only on reservation)

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Our feet carry us around the world up to twice in our lives.

So please, pay a little attention to your feet. With a little cream and a little attention, you can increase your quality of life enormously when it comes to feet.

Since I always start with a foot massage, you help me too!

Not only do I expect you to take the hygiene guidelines into account, I also shower in front of every guest! I demand cleanliness, but I also offer it!

Please do not misunderstand these instructions. On the whole I am satisfied with my guests and most of them are always hygienic and clean!

But unfortunately there are also from time to time one or the other guest where this is not the case. Unfortunately !

Thank you for your hygiene efforts.


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