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Questions over questions...

When I first make contact, I often hear and read the same questions over and over again.

Here I would like to answer the most important ones.

I am a bi or straight man. But your site appeals to me and I would like to have my husband give me a massage. Can I still come to you for a massage?

Of course you can come to me. Your sexual orientation and your preferences are your private affair. You should, quite simply, have no problem with efforts from a man. You decide how far to go and what kind of massage you want. We will discuss everything else before the massage anyway.


I am over 25 years old / I am under 25 years old.
I'm not a top model either.
Can I still come to you for a massage?

Of course you can come to me. Your age, your figure, whether big or small is really not the decisive point for a massage appointment with me! Up until a few years ago, I was over 60 kg heavier. So don't worry about it.


What do you wear during the massage?

I wear a "sarong" during the massage. A long hip scarf tied with a knot in front.


Can I also touch you during the massage?

I'll just say "Quid pro quo"  I'll touch you, so you also have the right to touch me. But all with respect and decency.


Do you also massage women?

No, except in very special cases.


Why are your prices the same for all massages?

You do not pay for my performance or what massage technique I use, you pay for the time you are with me.  And the time is the same for all massages. 60 minutes are 60 minutes, regardless of whether it's a classic, wellness or erotic massage.


Do you also give discounts  or discounts?

A clear one: JAIN... You get discounts and reductions by buying massage vouchers from me, or  by registering for my loyalty card. (Treukarte  discount from the 5th massage)


And a few more important things:

   ✪ Yes, I have a shower and of course you can use it before and after!

   ✪ I'm showered and clean, that's exactly what I expect from you.

   ✪ I attach great importance to hygiene and cleanliness. All towels are changed after each guest. All blades for intimate shaving are disposable blades and are therefore only used once! All other items are cleaned and disinfected after the massage!


I offer and expect punctuality!

Something can always come up, but the minimum is an SMS or a short call!


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