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About me...

Name: Rene

Born: 1970

Height: 182cm 

Hair Color: Brown

Eyecolour: Blue

Weight: 89 - 95 kg

Features: goatee (goatee), tattoos



After my school days I completed two training courses:

as a retail and commercial clerk. A few off and on's in my life have made me aware that my path is different.

In 2008 I started my first massage course and then massaged with great passion in my private environment.

✪   Classic massage, wellness massage, optimal aging

✪  Sport Massage, Wellness Aroma Massage, Hot Stone

✪  Cold Stone, gentle lymphatic drainage

✪  foot massage, on-site massage

✪  LOMI LOMI massage

✪  Trigger Point Therapy

✪  Chakra Meditation, Chakra Therapy

✪  Ayurveda treatments

✪  Fussreflexzonenmassage

✪  Dorn Breuss massage

As a balance to my retail job, I am now also looking for interpersonal contact and also offer my massages for you.

Today I am happy and glad that I started the massages. I have been able to experience so many great hours with my guests and meanwhile also friends in the last few years.


I look forward to more great years with you all.




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